Now You can Watch American TV in UK


American TV Now You can Watch American TV in UK

Nearly all the major US TV networks offer internet streaming. However, the access is available inside the United States only; if you reside in the UK then you’re falling short of luck. Luckily, by using the following method you can access the American TV in UK.

See all the major American TV networks, stations and streaming services like FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC and Hulu are basically accessible to AMERICAN viewers. When you visit one of the above internet sites and attempt to stream a video or a show, you’ll be restricted from watching because the website can identify that you’re based in the UK.

The website does this by identifying your location through your computer system’s IP address. An IP address is a specific number that you obtain through your ISP and it is required for your computer system to communicate with internet sites. The trouble is that it really is quite simple to spot your location through an IP address. Therefore, what you have to do to be able to trick the websites into allowing you to stream is to obtain an US IP address.

Trick Websites into thinking you are based in the US

Luckily, it is quite simple to obtain an US IP address. All you have to do is link to a Virtual Private Network. When you are connected to a Virtual Private Network server, it will act as a middleman between the American TV website and your computer. Doing this ensures that the internet site will only see the US IP address you will have got from the Virtual Private Network server.

Setting Up Virtual Private Network on Your Computer

The method of connecting to a Virtual Private Network is quite simple. All you require is an account with a Virtual Private Network provider with a server in the United States. We recommend selecting the UK Company HideMyAss (complete review) because they have servers placed all over the world and their speeds and prices are the best.

When you have signed up, just download and install their application. After that, choose a server based in United States from the list and simply click connect. In a few seconds you’ll notice a green light which means you’re connected and you now seem to be to be located in the United States. You will now be able to visit any of the websites you prefer from your browser and stream away.

That is an excellent solution for US expats residing in UK and people pleased in staying in touch with the most recent TV shows from US.