How to Unblock US Netflix in Norway – Gaining Access to the Real Thing!


Netflix in Norway How to Unblock US Netflix in Norway   Gaining Access to the Real Thing!

Netflix has been loved by millions of people, due to the remarkable diversity in HD videos that it gets to offer. Online streaming and video on demand services have never been that plentiful and qualitative and therefore great reputation has preceded the specific website. Due to the growing demand for Netflix services to be expanded to other people besides the Americans (given the fact that Netflix is a US geo-blocked website), some newer versions have been put into effect. Among these versions, we can find Latin American and Canadian Netflix, UK and Scandinavian Netflix.

Although the consideration has been great and the people in these countries have been initially thrilled by the expansion of Netflix services, in time they came to realize that there is no comparison between any of the new versions and the original. The authentic US Netflix is far better, in terms of both quality and quantity. So, we are down to this situation and people in Norway, who were enthusiastic about the launch of the Scandinavian Netflix version, are now disappointed at the lack of remarkable content.

Since we cannot stand disappointment, let us show you the way how to unblock US Netflix in Norway! Are you coming?

How to Fake Your IP Address and Access US Netflix in Norway

First thing is first and so you ought to know something that is going to make you extremely happy. It is true that your Netflix account is valid for all the versions globally. This means that you do not have to create a new US Netflix account in Scandinavia and another one in the United States. What determines the version of Netflix that you access is just your physical location. Netflix gets to identify where you connect from. There is no magic in such identification, since you pretty much give out all the information needed. Do not wonder how you can give out something even without being asked, as your IP address does all the work automatically!

Your IP address can change (thank God!) through the use of VPN. This is in fact really easy to accomplish and the only thing that you need to do is subscribe to one of the best VPNs of the market. We would go for HideMyAss Pro, due to the wonderful collection of servers and consequently IPs and the superb overall performance that it can offer to you. Then, you can download the respective app for your device and you are ready to connect. The important thing is to connect through a US based server. This will allow you to enter US Netflix in Norway in no time! Try it out and you’ll see!

We hope we could be of help on this matter. Just remember that if you wish to enjoy something on the Scandinavian version of Netflix, you just turn your VPN off or you switch to a different server coming from Scandinavia. It is dead simple and yet dead effective as well! Enjoy!