Is Accessing US Netflix in Denmark Possible? Yeah, It Is!


Netflix in Denmark Is Accessing US Netflix in Denmark Possible? Yeah, It Is!

How do you succeed in watching US Netflix in Denmark? Don’t you want to know all about it? Surely you must be frustrated by now, due to the less intriguing content of Netflix reaching your country and we bet you want to change that. It is not fair for different versions of Netflix to broadcast such different videos. OK, true – licensing agreements are there for a reason, but people in Denmark do not wish to get into all these details.

This is why we are the bearers of great news! We feel like justice has been served, as we are pleased to offer you all the guidelines needed for unblocking US Netflix in Denmark. Hop on and learn all about the simple procedure that is necessary, prior to being provided with the original Netflix version from the States!

VPN Unblocking US Netflix in Scandinavia

Denmark is a great country, without a doubt. Still, due to the copyright restrictions and the licensing issues that we have stressed out earlier, it is not possible for spectators to be given the chance and enjoy US Netflix version. VPN can help you out though! You see, the thing that holds you back when you try to access US Netflix from Denmark and automatically redirects you to the Scandinavian version is your IP address. This is a unique number that includes your physical location and through such a number Netflix identifies where you reside and offers you the respective version.

What you can do via VPN is to change such an IP address of yours. Do not be certain that you cannot do that, because VPN will show you the way. In specific, you subscribe to a trustworthy VPN provider and you complete the downloading and setting up, as per requested. Then, you turn your VPN on and you select a server that can satisfy your needs. In other words, now that you want to unblock a US geo-blocked website, you will need an American based server to make use of. After choosing that and getting online via your VPN, you will instantly notice that your IP address has changed. Now, with the US IP address that you hold you will be redirected to the US version of Netflix. Cool!

Which VPN Meets My Criteria?

If you are wondering which VPN provider to pick, we have got news for you! Hide My Ass Pro VPN has been selected by us as the best option for you to enjoy in the field of Virtual Private Network. With a wide range of servers located universally (including lots and lots of servers in the States) and with infinite bandwidth and great speed matching your needs, you should not think any more about it. Subscribe to the all inclusive plans of HideMyAss at the most appealing price rates of the market for the optimal VPN performance.

What about My Netflix Account?

Things keep getting better and better, don’t they? Your Netflix account is valid, regardless of your location in the world. This means that you can use your existing Scandinavian Netflix account and get into the US version, provided that you have the proper IP address revealing your residence at the time. In this way, the only thing you need to do if for any reason you wish to watch something on an alternative version of Netflix is to choose the respective server of your VPN. It could not be simpler than that! Enjoy!