Learn How to Watch AMCTV Outside US from Anywhere


AMCtv copy Learn How to Watch AMCTV Outside US from Anywhere

AMCTV provides plenty of entertainment that can all be streamed from the AMCTV official site. However, only users based in the USA are permitted to watch the content. So, what does a person from outside the US who would want to have access to this content do? We have the solution for you;by using our little trick you will be able to watch AMCTV from anyplace in the world.

When you try to gain access to video material at AMCTV website from outside the USA, the following message appears: “The video you’re trying to view cannot be watched from your current location or country”. Precisely what happens here is that AMCTV has recognized your location through your computers IP address-a specific number that you get from your ISP while you connect to the Net. This specific number will expose in what country you are based and that is how AMCTV has restricted access for non-USA users.

How to aquire a USA IP Address to Watch AMCTV outside US

The solution is actually quite easy. You need to have a USA IP address that will deceive AMCTV, and enable you to watch AMCTV. This is done by linking to a VPN. This way, your computer system will get an IP address from the server based in the USA and that, my friend, is all that is required.

Setting up your computer to link with a VPN is quite easy. At first you need to have an account with a Virtual Private Network. One can find numerous providers on the market for this reason, but we like using HideMyAss as they have great speed and are easy setup for use.

Just install the VPN app after signing up then choose a server based in the USA from the list in the application. After that, click connect and hang on for 5 seconds to see the green light showing a connection. Load the AMCTV website and now you are able to watch any content on the website regardless of where on the globe you’re located.

This technique works with every other site applying geographical limitations to restrict content access. Additionally you get a protected data connection while using Virtual Private Network, which makes it impossible for hackers to attack your device when you’re using internet.