Amazon Removing Already Purchased Disney Content and Blocking Such Access


Since Christmas is right around the corner and most children adore watching special Christmas videos from Disney, what a wonderful way for the company to say thanks in return than to block access of such content from Amazon? This is the case though and it seems like the Christmas spirit has not affected every one of us in the same way.

Disney demands exclusivity and this is in fact the driving force that has led people to encounter such problems with their Amazon accounts. A striking example has been that of Bill, a man who had already purchased “Disney Prep and Landing” last Christmas.

It would be only common sense to assume that once you have bought for something, this something is yours to cherish forever. However, things are a bit different here. Amazon acknowledges that Disney (and not only Disney, apparently) has got the flexibility to withdraw content from its catalogs and furthermore remove already purchased movies and other videos from Amazon accounts.

The whole matter has been making all Internet users think twice prior to spending money on buying content that is not even yours through their purchase. It does not make sense to make a purchase for owning something that indeed is not under your ownership on the long run. Both Amazon and Disney are responsible for letting their customers down and this is not something that might be dealt with lightly.

As it has been expected, exclusivity can drive people away as easily as the people claiming it have thought it would bring them profit. Since file sharing can be made in numerous ways and some of them remain anonymous and without the risk of paying for something that you lose along the way, such practices cannot prosper. Once again, the importance of VPN and particularly the kind of VPN that embraces P2P file sharing is highlighted!