Learn How to Enjoy Amazon Instant Video in UK


Amazon Instant Video Learn How to Enjoy Amazon Instant Video in UK

Amazon Instant Video is an excellent video on demand website from Amazon. This service is exclusively accessible in US, so if you would like to watch Amazon Instant Video in UK you must use the following technique.

To begin with, you require an Amazon Account

The issue is that when you simply purchase a show or movie; Amazon can discover the fact that your credit card is not a Us one. In case you only make an Amazon premium account, it is possible to make use of a Uk credit card. Just use a false US address and ensure that you do not deliver any materials to it and specify the address as your first street address. You’ll now have the ability to stream limitless content through your new Amazon Prime Instant Video Account.

Disguise your UK Location to View Amazon Instant Video

The issue is that although you have got an account, Amazon is still in a position to locate your location. When you attempt to watch a video from UK, you’ll encounter a message similar to:” We certainly have recognized that you’re not based in United States. Because of licensing restrictions Amazon Instant Video users need to be based in US when watching videos online”.

To avail a Us IP address is the solution to this problem. You can do it by linking to a VPN. Personally, we recommend using HideMyAss, because they have servers situated all around United States, which makes them an ideal match for the requirements, in such cases. Once done with signing up with HideMyAss; proceed and install their app on either your PC, Smartphone or Mac, then it is only a matter of picking a server in United States from the list — and finally click connect.

Wait for a few seconds, you’ll then have your UK IP address replaced by a Us IP address, and now you’ll be able to watch Amazon Instant Videos like you’re based in US. Please remember: When you need to watch Amazon Instant Video on your PS from the UK you must utilize a router to link to VPN.

And yes, by this simple trick being explained above, you can enjoy Amazon Instant Video while at any place around the globe, not just in UK.