AllOfVPN Shifts from US to Europe (Netherlands) Servers for Good!


Alert: AllOfVPN Shifts from Shared Servers in US to Dedicated Servers in Europe (Netherlands)

Your favorite VPN website has moved shop and changed base as far as hosting is concerned and as a treasured subscriber and reader, we are pleased and obligated to let you know when and why we moved. If you are a techie, you probably have realized the sudden change in the IP address of our website. Well, now you know what the reason behind that is. So why did we move?

Following the Edward Snowden revelations of the NSA’s activities, coupled with the fact that the NSA can legally force us (and anyone who could be under their shed) to reveal details of our subscribers, we decided that it was in the best interest of all people associated with AllOfVPN to move our site from the US. We take the security, anonymity and privacy of our visitors and subscribers very seriously.

We would never want to be in a position where we had to disclose the identity or any other information regarding you to a third party or government, whatsoever! Our duty is to give you honest and fair analysis of the happenings in the world of VPN, without compromising your security, anonymity or privacy.

In the US, we were using the services of a shared server. While we have not had any problem regarding security during the duration that we have been on shared servers, we knew that it was a threat that could manifest anytime. See, the problem with shared servers is that there are many targets for hackers.

The sheer number of websites that are housed by the shared server make a nice target for hackers. By moving from shared servers in the US to dedicated servers in the Netherlands (Europe), we have greatly reduced the chances of an attack on our site and privacy leakage of YOU.

The other reason why we decided to move from shared server in the US to dedicated servers in Netherlands is speed. You see, with shared servers, there are many people visiting the various sites using same servers, leading to server over load at times.

Server overloads lead to poor website response in terms of the time it takes for a website to load load. By moving to dedicated servers, we eliminate the possibility of an overload. This means that will load faster and the browsing will be smoother. We welcome you all to enjoy the new browsing experience on AllOfVPN.

We hope that you will all enjoy the new experience that AllOfVPN is. We will continue to bring you the latest solutions and innovations in the world of VPN.

Join us as we toast to internet anonymity, privacy and security icon wink AllOfVPN Shifts from US to Europe (Netherlands) Servers for Good!