Easy Way to Access Instagram at School


Instagram at School Easy Way to Access Instagram at School

Facebook and Twitter have been with us for a while now, but recently Instagram has risen into superiority. Come on, there is no denying it; Instagram is the in-thing right now. Even the people at Facebook saw the potential and bought the company at a handsome USD $ 1billion.

You are having fun now that you have downloaded the Instagram app on you smart phone and you are sharing content, liking photos and following people until you get to school and realize the IT guys know about it too. They have blocked access to the social site on school Wi-Fi. You are snapping up Kodak moments but you have to wait until you get home or use expensive mobile 3G to share them. It’s a kill-joy.

But you don’t have to be separated from your Instagram just because you are in school. You don’t have to wait to share those moments you capture on camera. Enter VPN.

The easiest way to get round your school’s IT ‘Great wall of China’ is to get a VPN subscription then input the settings into your phone. If you have an Android phone, VPN setting can be found under System Settings Wireless and Networks VPN. Don’t worry about the setting up; your VPN provider will give you a guide.

When you have VPN, your phone will have an IP address that places your location outside your school. This means that the IT department can’t block you and voila! You now have access Instagram at school. The best VPN providers like HideMyAssVPN support Android and iPhone. You should make sure that the provider you choose supports your phone. As a matter of fact, we highly recommend HideMyAss Pro.

Of course you do this at your own risk. If you get caught, you are alone partner.