NSA Spying on You via Your Smartphone? Not Any More! 7 Methods Keeping You on Guard


NSA Spying on You via Your Smartphone NSA Spying on You via Your Smartphone? Not Any More! 7 Methods Keeping You on Guard

Edward Snowden has definitely been the man of the year, because through his abundant revelations we have been made aware of the prying eyes lurking beneath innocent looking apps and devices. NSA and the British duplicate GCHQ have been trying really hard to gain full and uninterrupted access to our personal data, apparently without our consent. The most recent report has been that targeting popular mobile apps, such as the most commonly used games online.

Since this is disturbing news and due to the fact that smartphones are most vulnerable against such violations of privacy, we are happy to inform you of seven cool methods that will help you avoid being traced and monitored by the authorities. All at once, you will be able to enjoy your freedom, while playing Angry Birds or exchanging messages with your friends on Facebook. Let’s begin with those methods that will shield you against any threat, shall we?

  1. Using VPN while surfing the web can be proven to work true wonders for you and for your online privacy. Through the use of full data encryption and infiltration, your information is sealed and you can rest assured that your smartphone becomes immune to violations.
  2. Enabling Airplane Mode on your smartphone when playing games that do not need Internet connection will certainly come in handy to you. In specific, it will prevent any add-ons from being loaded on your phone and this will be beneficial for the performance of your game, as well as for your overall security.
  3. Turning off features such as GPS and geo-location, including Wi-Fi can be of great use to you. Without such features, apparently tracking you down will be made much more difficult if not impossible.
  4. HTTPS Everywhere is an application that can be used on OS such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Its smartphone app is yet to be released, but it is a great tool that will help you secure your web surfing through safe options of HTTPS. You can use it for Facebook or Twitter, among various other websites.
  5. Avoiding the interaction of yours when it comes to social media from your smartphone is splendid! This can be too risky and especially when HTTPS is not available. Whenever this is possible, try to use more secured pathways (for example your PC or laptop running on a safe Internet connection).
  6. Turning off cellular data can also contribute to your online safety as a whole. Unless you are compelled to keep all the updates of your email account and so on within your reach at all times, turn such features off. Not only will your security enhance, but your battery will love the decision of yours from day one!
  7. Finally, a word of advice: Even though we know how appealing smartphones can be, make sure that you reconsider owning one. Instead, go for something as plain and simple to use as a regular phone with no apps included. In this way, you will avoid a great many different ways of penetration within your sensitive data. Is it really worth the risk, just to be able and play Angry Birds on your smartphone and going online without fail?

These are some of the most important things for you to keep in mind, when it comes to online security tailored for smartphones. Be sure to pay attention to such information and try to comply with most (if not all) of them. It will do you good and it will keep all spying attempts far away from you!