4.6 Million Phones Leaked from Snapchat and Security Breaches Exposed


Now, that has come as a surprise! Snapchat has been one of the most frequently downloaded apps from Apple worldwide and the services provided have been used in the name of online privacy. Imagine that you download Snapchat in order to have your messages self destructed after some moments and thus empowering your online protection and then find out about the leak of your phone and username!

Well, disturbing as it might sound, it is not in the imagination of 4.6 million users of Snapchat that have come to face such reality crash. It all started on Christmas day, when in a report of Gibson Security the experts highlighted several flaws in the security as a whole. People from Snapchat replied with the certainty that they have placed additional methods of protecting sensitive data and one week later the data base proved them wrong.

In SnapchatDB, there is a list with 4.6 million phones and usernames. The list is open to gaze through and of course free to download. The only means of protection is the concealment of the two last digits in both cases when you get to check through the list prior to downloading it. People in Snapchat have not made any comment on the incident and they appear to be a bit numb after what has happened.

It is definitely worth considering whether or not such services should be regarded as reliable in the first place. Given the fact that hackers can obtain any information that they want without breaking a sweat, there is really no point in using something that might jeopardize your personal data. On the contrary, our aim had better be to find out trustworthy solutions against hacking and spying. In other words, our aim had better be VPN in avoidance of similar breaches and exposure.