3 Million Dollars Incentive For Hackers By Google


Google has declared an open challenge with bonus prize of about three million dollars to that peculiar hacker’s community who will prove their approach and command to the newly launched software Chrome OS by the Company.
One Hundred Fifty Thousand dollar along with prize of about 110,000 dollars has been announced by the tech giant.
To achieve 110,000 dollars, the hackers must show their command over Chrome-OS by using internet page. The hackers showing their access and grip even to the rebooting computer with the help of internet page will be awarded with the prize of 150,000 dollars.

The hackers with extra ordinary cleverness will be entertained with bonus prizes, a declaration by the Google. During the CanSecWest conference on security at Vancouver in Canada, The contest will be held.
The main objective of the Company by arranging such competitions is not to create difficulties and discomforts for cyber clients but to diagnose its weaknesses in the security.

A competition calling “Pwnium” will be organized by the California situated Company in the first quarter of year 2014. Hackers’ skills and techniques to hack into the ACER Chrombook C720 or Chromebook 11 from Hewlett Packard will be featured in the competition.

With the beginning of financial transactions via internet, Hacking presents itself as a major issue. Hackers have had damaged to the biggest brands like Niemann Marcus and Target in shape of hacking of huge quantity of personal data from payment and credit cards.

In the Midwest, A low degree company had been hacked up to more than 400,000 dollars. Federal Board of Investigation (FBI) OF United States in collaboration with the retailer – giant in U.S.A., Michaels, has declared that they are interrogating the possibilities related to the data hacking of debit and credit card users.