Awesome Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals: What Are You Waiting for?


The countdown till Christmas has officially begun and it is high time we shared some great gifts among our loved ones. VPN providers could not sit there whistling indifferently, when there is such a friendly atmosphere and when there are so many presents to choose from. This is why many of them have indulged in the most outstanding seasonal deals, offering great discounts and awesome coupon codes for all Internet users to benefit from.

Aren’t you excited about the jolly spirit that is filling the air? But there is a catch for you, our friends! You should hurry up, before Cyber Monday arrives and most of these deals cease to apply. So, without any further to do let us have a peak at what these VPN providers can offer you for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and of course our very own Cyber Monday!

ExpressVPN: This is in fact competition! ExpressVPN is handing out $8.33 per month for those who wish to enjoy great services in an amazingly friendly environment. If you are in for a treat, knock yourselves out!

HideMyAss: The cool donkey is offering the marvellous $6.55 per month to all its fans and all the Internet users out there who are in search of top quality and special features that rock! Do yourself a favour and check it out!

PureVPN: One of the top VPN providers globally feels festive and offers some unique discounts depending on the plan that you choose to subscribe to. In particular, you get 34% off the original price rate for the monthly package, 44% off for the semi-annual plan and 65% off for the annual subscription. Yes, that’s right! Just for these short holidays, the cost is cut in under half of the original amount! Yeah!

CactusVPN: Such a great VPN provider has been generous enough so as to offer the remarkable 30% discount in ALL of its packages for the first billing period, meaning for the newbies being introduced to its spectacular services. 30% discount, no hidden charges! Formidable, indeed!

ibVPN: Invisible Browsing is aiming at rocking our world with the discount that it gets to provide. You get 30% discounts in EVERYTHING! What you need to do is copy the words “bfcm13” and paste them to the respective promo code place in order to activate the offer!

IPVanish: Wanting to celebrate the holidays with us, IPVanish is offering to all newcomers the awesome 42% discount to all the subscriptions, making it possible to enjoy a whole year with just $49.99! The promo code that you will be asked to fill in is “CYBER13” and the fun begins!

12VPN: Wouldn’t you wish to enjoy great VPN services from 12VPN after having cut the cost down to 40%? Well, if you take advantage of the coupon code “BLACKFRIDAY” there is nothing stopping you from making that wish come true!

HideIPVPN: One of the coolest offers ever, HideIPVPN offers 50% discount to any VPN or Smart DNS package with the coupon named “BlackFriday2013”. How stunning is that?

VPNSecure: Enjoy a huge 50% discount that cuts your cost in half in anything you set your mind on regarding OpenVPN. Tremendous offers for the top security protocol available! What a combo!

BolehVPN: Isn’t that lovely? BolehVPN is offering an amazing plan just for a few days. TWO WHOLE YEARS of VPN for $139 can definitely make your heart beat faster! Hurry up!

Private Internet Access: One of the most promising VPN providers out there is mellowing you up with the wonderful $38.95 for a whole year’s subscription. Great news!

TunnelBear: The giant and adorable bear is reaching out to you, with its incredible Thanksgiving offer of 33% discounts available.

OctaneVPN: Sit tight till you are gonna need it! $4.99 per month, $12.99 for three months, $19.99 for half the year and if you want it all you can get $29.99 for an annual subscription! Exciting, is it not?

With all these special offers and discounts, don’t you wish that every day was indeed a holiday? Have fun and happy offer hunting, guys!