Hack of the Year with 2 Million Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Gmail Accounts Stolen


Security firm Trustwave has revealed something really shocking about Pony botnet and stolen credentials. A server in the Netherlands included two millions of accounts and passwords from Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo users. This means that such users have had their accounts compromised and they did not have any idea at all.

This is why it is highly recommended that all the users of the above mentioned websites and apps reset their passwords and came up with something that is safe and secured to use. Strangely though, thousands of people used the evident “123456” password to get inside their personal accounts or the “password” or even the “123” code. This highlights great controversy, since a password is meant to offer you the chance to empower your protection, rather than put it at risk.

The computers of the compromised accounts are known as “zombies”, including people in the US, the UK, Germany, Russia, Singapore and elsewhere. The Pony botnet has been able to gather all these accounts from millions of users and subsequently had remote control over them.

Of course, now all these accounts have been notified of this breaking news and security has been made active once again. However, it is always advisable that all users make use of updated versions of anti-virus software. As a matter of fact, hackers have gone smarter with time and on top of an Antivirus program, making use of a VPN only will guarantee full-proof security while online – otherwise you might be compromising. Prevention is much better than cure, after all!