1VPN Review – Perhaps One For The Mobile


unnamed 1VPN Review   Perhaps One For The Mobile

For today’s generation, the desktop computer is chronologically becoming a thing of the past. More and more consumers are looking for gadgets that offer mobility – a crucial factor for people on the go. Coupled with the free wi-fi services on almost every coffee shop, restaurant and mall, this makes a perfect combo for the current fast-paced lifestyle we find ourselves in. With everyone feeling the need to be constantly connected, browsing the web on their laptops, tablets and smartphones via wi-fi it seems the most natural thing to do.

It’s worth considering that, familiarity does not mean peace of mind, and we should always be vigilant against the dangers of mobile surfing. While it may not be always easy to protect yourself against potential online threats, 1VPN can certainly make the job a lot easier.

A Measure of Quality

1VPN offers a unique experience for mobile users to explore and enjoy everything that the Internet has to give you, and more. It allows you to get hold of everything you need without compromising and exposing your information online. But before we conclude on anything, let’s have a look at 1VPN’s features and protocols:

  • Accessibility: 1VPN is a one-click app that is easy to configure and is available on the Android App Store (Google Play).
  • Performance:> 1VPN works well with Android-supported devices. However, problems have been reported to occur on Samsung Galaxy devices. It was said to have had compatibility problems with Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread), although some tests have proven that there were no such problems that occurred in the said firmware. It’s just fine to be used on iOS, too.
  • Features and Protocols: 1VPN supports PPTP (fully supported), L2TP (except secrets do not work) and L2TP/IPSecd CRT (except secrets do not work). OpenVPN is not supported by 1VPN, although L2TP works just fine with the test provider. You can also opt to activate automatic reconnect for continuous connectivity to this VPN software.
  • Aesthetics: 1VPN has an appealing interface and is very user-friendly.

The Free Trial Offer

You may think that; that’s everything 1VPN can offer. Well, it’s not. You’ll be glad to know that 1VPN also offers a free trial service. This trial allows you to hide your identity from malicious software and hackers that may harm your mobile device. Now who could not give in to that? Even though with this version, you may not be able to access some of the features that provides you the full 1VPN service security experience, this free trial might just be all you need to evaluate it.

1VPN Review- The Verdict

At the end of this 1VPN Review, we can say that 1VPN is indeed a good VPN service provider for Android-powered devices, but it’s not that much good for other smartphones, as some problems have been reported by Samsung and Apple smartphone users. Still, it is a hassle-free, guaranteed quality service VPN for your mobile phones anywhere at any time. Not to mention its simplicity and accessibility, 1VPN sure is the whole package. With just a click of a button and a few dollars, you can assure that your internet connection is safe and secured.