12VPN Review – Taking On The Challnge


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With the increasing level of competition in the Virtual Private Networking business, there is no doubt that this industry is growing really fast. More and more people are starting to line up to get a hold of this kind of security. The demand for quality VPN software has rapidly risen as it is slowly becoming a necessity for virtually anyone with access to the internet.

This particular 12vpn review will you know that, 12vpn is one of the service providers that is making waves in this business is 12VPN. This is one of the most sought after VPN products in the market today. It has received great reviews from netizens here and there. You might be wondering why or how it got those positive feedback. But the more important question is, what separates this VPN provider from other providers in the market?

Let’s find out what 12VPN has to offer.

US vs. World

12VPN is a VPN service provider that offers two package plans, the US and the World. The US plan has servers located in, well — as the name implies — United States. These places in the US include Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. This plan is preferred by those with US IP who intend to access American programs and websites. The World plan, on the other hand, has servers located in different countries such as UK, France, Japan, Germany, Canada, Netherlands and US. This plan is preferred by those who would like to access certain applications, programs or websites that are available only to the country where the chosen server is located.

Lite vs. Personal

Aside from choosing between US and World plans, you can also choose between Lite and Personal service. Lite service is suited for average internet users who access the Internet through various public wifi-hotspots as it offers 10GB data usage every month. Not bad for an offer.

Personal service, on the other hand, gives you a larger bandwidth limitation. This is well suited for downloading, watching online, internet gaming (MMORPG) and other activities that would require larger bandwidth.

Other Features

One of the distinctive features of 12VPN is free and unlimited server switching. It also provides free ViscosityVPN. Apart from that, this software is surprisingly simple and easy to use. With that offers a wide range of platform support for different devices and Operating Systems and a number of supported VPN protocols. What else can you ask for?

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Unlike other VPN service providers, 12VPN offers its clients a 7-day money back guarantee for a risk-free experience. This assures the clients that 12VPN only gives quality service backed with a broad array of options that you can choose. 12VPN also guarantees quick customer service response via email (though they don’t have a live customer support). With 12VPN, you can assure fast and reliable VPN service.

All in all in this 12vpn review, we can say that 12vpn is truly one of the best VPN service providers out there. Go ahead. Try it.

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