10 Tips for Enhancing Your Online Privacy


10 Tips for Online Privacy 10 Tips for Enhancing Your Online Privacy

One of the most important things for everyone when surfing the web should be the level of protection that he can achieve. Since there have been alarming incidents highlighting the need for online privacy measures, it would be a prudent move on your behalf to take our tips into some serious consideration. After all, it is always much better to prevent disaster from happening, rather than trying to make things right after disaster has struck. So, below we share with you the top 10 tips that can make your life a lot easier while indulging in your favorite activities online. Let’s start our countdown:

Multiple e-mail addresses

It is true that we engage in different things on a daily basis and not all of them require the same attention. For example, privacy matters a whole lot more for your business e-mail when compared with e-mails that you use in order to correspond with friends or to shop online. So, it would be better if you did not use the same e-mail account for all these things.

Two-factor verification for passwords

There are services that provide you with such a feature. With so many successful attempts from hackers to break into e-mail accounts and social media, it is the best thing for you to combine two different methods of verifying who you are before accessing your personal information. One cannot be too cautious with such options!

Sharing awareness

OK, we get it that you enjoy sharing some personal moments of yours along with friends and acquaintances online and social media can be truly tempting. However, have you ever thought that through the information you share there might be the answers that can lead to hacking or even identity theft? It seems that we accidentally share the information that can be used towards unlocking our e-mail accounts or any other account of ours. If you use “What’s your pet’s name?” or “Which is the name of your mother?” as your secret verifying question, think again!

Log out before you go

It is certainly convenient to keep your personal data available for your next web surfing. Still, this can be the beginning for many negative effects to come. When you share your PC with others at work, for example, they might access your personal information without your consent. The same can happen at home or at school. What good has ever come out of such sharing options? At the same time, stored information increases your vulnerability in general.

Look through your settings

Have you noticed that we sometimes forget to read through the details, when we sign up on Facebook or Twitter or even when we click on a website that urges us to do so? Instead of being impulsive and forgetting all about security, we had better go ahead with looking through the terms of use and the settings. We will most likely be amazed at what we can change for the better. Sharing options can be customized, according to our will. Fantastic news!

Clear history and cookies

Even if we are tidy and never neglect cleaning up our house, most of us cannot take the same credit for our computer. Nonetheless, we need to be thorough and often clear the history of websites visited and of course we ought to clean the cookies from our computer. Most important, we ought to avoid cookies whenever this is possible.

Tagging options

How many times have we not been surprised about seeing our face on Facebook, without having agreed to that? Our friends can tag us in their pictures and we might never know, unless we bother to visit the same social media that they have used. Rather than feeling sorry about being published for something that you do not want to, you can use timeline review control. All at once, do try to inform your friends and family on your preferences.

Treasuring your mobile devices

It is widely acknowledged that mobile devices have been going from strength to strength. So, they have been targeted by many people and there have been disturbingly many attacks and thefts of mobile devices, as well as compromising of their data. In order to empower your online privacy when it comes to mobile devices and of course towards making them much harder to control after being stolen, there are alternatives such as Norton Mobile Security and Google Sync. Take advantage of them!

Monitoring YOU

How strange does that sound? Well, in reality it can be proven to be a life saver! Make use of Google Alert and check on anyone that is using your name and your personal information without you knowing about it. If you are interested in monitoring your online reputation, this is a great way to do so!

No third party information sharing

Have you been asked to allow third party information sharing? This can be a red flag and so you had better run off and never come back to the specific website. There is no point in sharing your personal information without your consent and in this way third parties will gather data that you do not want to give out without actually knowing.

This is it! Here you go with 10 online privacy tips that can save you a lot of time, effort and trouble on the long run. Above all though, you should never underestimate the use of VPN. No matter what you do, VPN can guarantee full data encryption. This can lead to anonymity while surfing the web and therefore it can minimize, if not eliminate, threats and dangers during your online navigation. Be critical about your choices, consider the tips that we have shared with you and indulge in VPN. The sooner, the better!